Utility Hardening

In 2006, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) voted to amend the Florida Administrative Code to require investor owned utilities (IOU) to file comprehensive storm hardening plans.  These plans included storm preparedness initiatives including the hardening of existing transmission structures.  Storm hardening is the upgrading of electrical facilities, as well as maintenance practices, so they are better able to withstand extreme weather.  Storm hardening of overhead utilities includes:

  • The replacement of wood poles with concrete or steel poles
  • The adding of guy wires for pole support
  • Adding poles to decrease the span between poles

Florida Power & Light (FPL) is required by the PSC to harden their electrical distribution infrastructure to increase system reliability in the wake of the hurricanes experienced in FPL’s service area over the last decade. Converting overhead utilities underground is also considered an equivalent form of hardening.  FPL’s hardening plan would only harden the main feeder lines in the Village and would not harden any of the lateral radial infrastructure.  It is these laterals that serve most of the homes and business in the Village.

FPL has implemented these measures in many municipalities as these initiatives were rolled out state wide. For more information, read FPL's 2018 Storm Hardening Update.


More Examples of Hardening