Why Underground?


Underground systems are generally safer than overhead systems because the equipment and cables are less accessible to the public.


Underground systems are less susceptible to damage from weather events and contact with vegetation and wildlife.


Underground systems are generally more resistant to damage and are restored to service more quickly than overhead systems.


Eliminating overhead lines from within the Village will give value to existing residents as well as businesses and further enhance the Village’s serene atmosphere, which residents and visitor enjoy.

Before & After


Without power for 94.2 minutes per year

1.22 service interruptions per year

Outages lasted 77 minutes per outage


Without power for 19.4 minutes per year

0.33 service interruptions per year

Outages lasted 59.5 minutes per outage


Overhead vs. Underground

System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) is the average outage duration for each customer served (in Minutes). System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) is the average number of interruptions that a customer would experience. In both these measures, Underground (UG) utilities are shown to be much more reliable than Overhead (OH) utilities.


Overhead (OH) and Underground  (UG) metrics that only include primary circuits, feeders and laterals.


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