Master Plan Process

Draft Master Plan

Use the link below to review the Draft Master Plan.

In order to balance potentially competing priorities such as cost, project duration, traffic impacts, etc. for this large-scale project, a Master Plan is currently being developed by Kimley-Horn to evaluate these priorities ahead of the detailed design of any single undergrounding phase. The Master Planning process includes:

Data Collection & Assessment

Data collection of existing utility infrastructure and the planned scope of work for major construction projects by utility owners who have a presence in the Village


Coordination with project stakeholders (residents, business owners and other interested parties) throughout all of the project's phases

The team will assess the risks associated with different methods to finance, design and construct the undergrounding project.

Public Outreach

Public outreach (public meetings and other opportunities to comment) to keep the community informed of project progress, impacts to traffic, and financial information


The project team will develop plans and reports related to the phasing and sequencing plan for undergrounding existing utilities, an opinion of schedule and project cost, design criteria and a Transportation Management Plan to guide traffic during construction.