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Resilient, Reliable, and Protected Utilities

Protected utilities are vital to ensuring the resiliency of a community's most important resources and connections. Protecting the Village of Key Biscayne's utilities by burying them underground means a safer, more reliable, more resilient and more beautiful Village for residents and visitors. If you use and enjoy the natural features and public lands around the Village then most likely you are affected by the visual impact these existing overhead lines have. Underground the utilities and enjoy beautiful views and protected connections.


Underground systems are generally safer than overhead systems because the equipment and cables are less accessible to the public.


Underground systems are less susceptible to damage from weather events and contact with vegetation and wildlife.


Underground systems are generally more resistant to damage and are restored to service more quickly than overhead systems.


Eliminating overhead utility lines in will remove obstructions standing between those who live and play in the Village and the its serene vistas and beautiful natural features.

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